The younger you

I’ve been slowly cleaning up parts of my blog and trying to create order, but when you get through one layer there’s another layer you can see that could do with a shine. I should’ve read more about blogging and tags in the beginning and not 5 years later. I should’ve probably written less transparent pieces as … More The younger you

21 and with nothing to lose. My year abroad ” book of revelations”. 

It was a: – delightful, rich experience. Only of course when I got rid of two partners of mine. Mr overthinking and Mr Fear.  I’ve learnt that we make our paths far more dif… Source: 21 and with nothing to lose. My year abroad ” book of revelations”.    Have a read of what my … More 21 and with nothing to lose. My year abroad ” book of revelations”. 


This is a term that people have thrown around me for the past 3 years-since I first moved abroad. It’s a term that I don’t associate with myself and I struggle with. I have believed it to be more than the Oxford dictionary definition: to make someone feel that they want to do something and … More Inspire

That wedding love

I guess it doesn’t matter, once you’re happy and love the person and they love you? Enough to respect you and your vows. It seems so beautiful, fun and warming to completely trust your spouse and even embarrass yourself with them. To have no inhibitions and fall with them. To live ‘forever’ with them, however … More That wedding love

7 camps later

I’m sat chilling on my patio in my new apartment in Andalusia so I figured I’d finish this and end my camp chapter. Here are 14 things that I’ve learned in the last 4 years at 7 camps (I almost did 3 camps this year dang): You can make life long friends and reconnect a … More 7 camps later

Social media break

I’m convinced my future husband keeps by passing me on flights. Anyway. I did a few days no phone challenge. I wanted to not login to social media on my other devices. But because I wanted to take the time off for outstanding photography from camp and personal work, I actually needed to be on social media. It … More Social media break