I write this to those who are one of the few like them that travel freely or work abroad. I hope you recognise how awesome what you do is.

I’m a black woman. I work abroad and hardly see people like me: people who look like me. People who work in the same environment as I do. I was in China and to the majority of my students, I was the first person they saw like me; dark skin that didn’t wash off, versatile and ever changing hair; and English speaking. I moved to Spain and I think there’s one other black woman in my small town of 23,000 people. … More Representation

Darkness and light

I’ve been reading and writing and reflecting on what I’ve been reading and speaking to people about it all as they show themselves to me. I’ll be back in March, I have ‘old thoughts’ as posts as they came to me, but I’m trying to learn more about ‘becoming’ and going for your dreams. I … More Darkness and light

Gold goals

Read this over a weekend and sit down with it: What were your goals for 2016? Did you accomplish them? Were there any changes made, if so WHY? How could you improve or expand on them for 2017? Can any of them become a constant goal that gets bigger and better or even be turned … More Gold goals

262 days

I’ve spent 259 days of the 365 days abroad (and a further 28 days=287 away from my house/main residence). Well by the New Year it’ll be 262 days away as I’m going on holiday next week! Roughly that’s 9 months away šŸ˜². I won’t dwell on what was missed, but I’ll focus on what was … More 262 days

1 laugh for 1 hug

Everyone has it in them, the potential to make someone smile or brighten a person’s day. I happen to find joy in that and want to be my fullest self to make people feel better. I unknowingly did that in an informal meeting and the person laughed and said, ‘Kirah you’re really funny and made … More 1 laugh for 1 hug