Goodbye 2010

at Disney Land Florida, August 2010

Hi all!
This is my first ever blog + post and seeing as its January 2nd I think ill round up 2010 to tell you what happened. You must also know that I love food, very much. Also God and fam! But u knwamean…

My 18th birthday! It was great! Surprise jeep limo with friends, dinner and then party 🙂 I cant explain it too much but know that was possibly the best day of 2010 for me (June 5th).

The fam went on 2 amazing holidays. In April we went to Peurto Rico and picked up our 11 night Caribbean cruise (Celebrity Cruises, I highly recommend them- they r 5 star!). The place was hotttt mon, but the islands were beautiful. I think along the cruise, I loved St. Kitts the most (and im from St. Maarten). Then the greatest thing happened, that Iceland volcano LOL. It got us stuck in New York when we were getting our transit flight to Birmingham, uk. I say its great, cuz it was a week in our favorite place n we’ve got fam there. So we happily did more shoppin, got our store bought hair did and ate amazing food.

July-August we were in Kissimmee, Florida for 4 wks. Did the whole Orlando Studios, water parks n Disney stuff. What can I say? 4 weeks in America, esp Florida is a beautiful peaceful thing in life 🙂 We went upto Miami for a day to c my aunty and there yet again we got our (real) hair did! I dyed mine honey blonde B-) haha.

College Results. I have 2 A levels at grade B, and 3 AS levels at grade BCD. The silly coventry uni didnt let me in, so im back in college for another year

Church. Well I love me some church, concerts and events. So I was livin it up n gettin all up in therr round December times when I stepped off my “rollercoaster’d life”. That I can tell u about a next time, its a testimony and then some

Overall 2010 I lost some friends and made some great ones. I got back in touch with old ones, said good bye to loved ones (i dont mean death!) and had a fair share of crazy fun n partyin. It wasnt the easiest 365 days as I didnt get what I want but I got what God needed for me. I’m excited about 2011, but i’ve been preparing for it from end of 2010. Just watch me n u’ll see what I do 🙂

One live, blessings n apple juice


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