Dear old Kirah


As you can see this will be reflecting on an old side to me that had hella fun but I dont want back.. I was inspired to do this from reading my friends “Dear Old Mally” post on his blog (, and he got the idea from Nicki Minaj’s song “Dear Old Nicki”… Do U c the link?? Gd! Leeeegooooo!

When you were younger you were the sweetest little thing, just batted your eyes and you got everything. You were the princess of the castle, 1st born, yet born and you was never a hassle. You were forced to grow up and let your mind speak it’s thoughts. Grounded in the Word, you didnt stray to far till you were 14.
No lies you were a bitch, rude and a misery. You never said sorry, never opened up and never shared your stories. You were 2 different people in 1 just to make people happy. Took you a while to blend them and accept the real you.
Hahaha in school you spoke like you had terretz then come Sunday you spoke with all your English best. You never minced words, wasnt really that kind it shudda been obvious to you that God was hardly on your mind. He was always the most important thing till you wanted to let the world in. Thats why when significant others swayed you and let you down you fell into a deep well. Inside I knew you would never ask for help, you was too daym busy relying on self. You thought you could do it, but you couldnt. You really couldnt, why didnt you just cry out to Him? HE WUDDA SWEEPED IN and picked you up just like what mom always said.
When you was 17 u got a lot wiser and learned the real you was soo much better.
Then you turned 18 and got handed the keys, God was proud for a month then He cried out to bring u to your knees. U stopped hearing Him and saw everyone else. You wanted to party, drink drink, tattoos and lose who you are just cuz you ‘felt’ like it.
I saw you sitting in the bathroom crying out your heart when noone was there, you realized you did wrong and was in despair. You looked a hott mess and u was a lil tempered too, but you knew deep down Jesus would get you through.
You tried to go back again like a daym fool. I knew the world had a hold on you. But somehow your inner strength pulled me through, and we said goodbye to you.

That’s it. Dear old kirah, wasnt my strongest points in life. But how I was makes me so much more grateful to God for not taking me out when I made a mockery of Him. Im 18 n a half n then some n the past few mnths have brought out the new me. Im so excited to keep doin me and trust God wholeheartedly. I have faith, n my lesson has been learnt 🙂



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