Love- and then some

Crystal shape of a heart
It hurts, its great, its strong, it stabs, it backfires, it merks, it feels, it grows, it diminishes, it brightens, it dims, it grows old, gets stale, changes.
Its unquantifiable yet quantifiable by comparison. Its the warmest thing ever, but the coldest place to be. Wow.
Dictionaries say in context of the love i’m talking about…a strong feeling of affection, and sexual attraction for someone; affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one’s behalf; a great interest and pleasure in something (Oxford Dictionary)

My friend asked me when I was 14, 15 what does love mean. He was like 18 I think, but I knew he was confused. I think I said something like…its warm, trusting and beautiful. Easy to give and not stop, easy to be crushed and built. Its the strongest emotion to prove your affections, in whatever way you see fit..
And now, I think it’s… still hard to define :-/

HOWEVER the greatest love of all that I’ve ever known is from Jesus Christ. (Google him if u dunno who he is. He’s quite famous!). This guy was sent to Earth (quite a bad place at the time), n born of a virgin, He lived a perfect life: in which he did teachings, healings, miracles, loved, helped, prayed with and soo much more. Then for some yada yada reason He was put to death with the ultimate punishment in early A.D. days- crucifixion. He died an atoning death and 3 days later arose and now lives in Heaven with the father! Sounds like an extravagent story don’t it? Pick up the Bible and read the 4 Gospels- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (it’s in the New Testament, ‘part 2′ section of the Bible).
But from a 30 something year old man gave his perfect life so all after him could be saved and talk to God easier, that by far is the greatest unconditional love EVER. He made us in his image (thats right stop callin ppl ugly), He knew us b4 He made us, He constantly thinks of everyone of us even when we’re sinning from the prossy down ur street wat clocks in at 9 (watershed time) to the thievin minister. He sees it all n still wants to offer us grace? Wow, what sinful creatures we r to b worthy to b on God’s mind.
:’) *does church praise break*

(This was posd to b posted 4 Valentines but I know im late n ppl done got pregnant that day outta wedlock. Sorry I wasnt any earlier. My bad!)


These are just a few of my thoughts on love, what it is.

I think in the future I’ll re-visit this topic


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