They’re such a precious gift from God! Recently I’ve been around a lot of babies. They’re crazy little things.
We all go ‘aaaaaw’ ent it cute n all this blah blah. In reality don’t lie about a baby’s looks. Thankfully the babies I’ve had the pleasure of chilling with are good looking boys n girls.

Now y am I writing this post?…
So yes I’m just going to say, support the (young) people with kids. Yes they laid there, did that and now have that (no disrespect). But as family or friends our best interests should be for the kids.
The last few months out of my pay I’ve set aside ‘baby money’ for the kids coming or have come so I can help out. Im not rich or even a money generous person. But for my nearest n dearest I’ll do anything , except buy them expensive items like crib and car seat and ting and ting.
In the Bible it says something about if a friend or stranger was hungry or thirsty give em your water or plate a food if u have it. So lets just help each other out.

Also for them big people (adults) stop judging people and talking bad bout 16 yr olds with baby. (That could be your daughter next! So hush) The world is changing and instead of casting judgement, give a helping hand. Kids are the future. Feels like baby boom the past 2 years, quite a few people I know have had kids. I can’t tell people how to live there life, nor am I protecting there actions (God knows what they did), and I am not a watered down Christian like these narsty Robinsons squash drink. I AM STRAIGHT UP TROPICANA JUICE (or hard liquor that burns your throat- depending on what I say)… I say that to say, it takes a village to raise a child and I can’t stand people pushing others away and turning on people because they didn’t live a perfect life. My pastor says when ur pointing a finger, 3 are looking back at you.

The point of this post:
Give a helping hand to those that need it.
Babies are funny.
When they’re about a year old their personality is infectious (learnt that from Kiyah), makes you remember that God never forsakes kids because there innocence and heart help them to see clearly.

Ok thats it I think. I wasn’t tryna educate, I just felt like writing about these special new borns. I now end this post with me still in the waiting room to know if my Godson will be coming in the next few days or what.

*old Caribbean woman voice* Dey tek lang fi come ee? Cha!

Peace, love and hardough bread yall!


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