From 18 to 19

I thought i wrote this post before but i see that i havent. WAIT now i remember it was saved on my phone before i had to get it sent off 3 times in the past 2 months cuz sony ericsson couldnt fix it!!! :@

ok, rant over….

When i became 18 i thought oh wow, how nice this will be cool. Let’s do this! imma get the keys to the city and be allowed to do whatever, go here and there, roll in at 6am etc etc.

Little did i remember to look at my skin to remember i am black and my momma aint having none of that! so i think the day of my 18th was the only wild day O_0 quite sad in some perspects but i’m fine with it. when i was 18 i felt wiser, i felt like i can do anything and say anything. well shut up, cuz u have more responsibilities. parents expect more, teachers expect you to act right, younger friends wanna see the growth and all. then the media puts into your head that 18 is “run wild and free” time. i guess thats likely to happen if u go uni the year of your 18th.:where u drink EXCESSIVELY 4 nights a week, leave coursework/”assignments” in till 22 hours before deadline, sex here there and everywhere, get into fights and a bunch of other things.

however, it really doesnt matter what the media say. i deviated from the norm, thats normal for me to do.

But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession-a peculiar people. 1 Peter 2:9

in terms of the law and being 18. by this age you should be able to:

have sex legally, vote, go in for jury duty, buy alcohol and cigarettes  freely, rent/buy/watch 18 year old content, gamble, control over education and health(parents cant farce in ur school stuff or doctor info, so yes your STI info is hidden from mom and dad), work wherever, get married legally and be accountable for your actions so you can go to jail for doing bad among other new freedoms.

now i think i did at 14 buy cigarettes (not for me) and drank and watched 18 movies. 16 is when i ordered drinks. 12 is when everyone gambles on those seaside 2p machines. and i think thats as bad as i’ve been. actually wait i got married at 17. LOL “college marriages”.

anyhow now that im nearly 19 i dont see the big commotion of being 18. Right before my 18th, Me and my mom spoke about what i expected to change from 18 and we agreed we’d talk through decisions and that i’d still have to ask permission to go places (e.g. partys), the persons name, place and ETA(expected time or arrival to my house).

being 18 is a big hype, and you get bored quickly if you do all the new freedoms quickly. so you may aswell start acting mature and learning to be mature. a lot of people had kids and tattoos when i was 18-one is bigger deal than the other. So at 18 i’d dsay is when you should figure out what you want in life, where you wanna go and what you want to be. i know i want to be an educational psychologist, and live in ATL and marry a black italian american chef who has money-all of this in the next 10 years. It’s a bit far fetched but i’m leaving it in God’s hands.

so im nearly 19, in 2wks. I already feel 19. (a month before my new birthday i already feel it and start to act it so my level of maturity learns how to grow). Right now i know i have to be more of a lady, stop playin a fool and take my responsibilities seriously. the next milestone is 20, i wont be a teen anymore but i’d be expected to act like an adult who knows how to conduct herself in a professional manner. Life is moving fast, it really is. i have a business plan to finish right, i have savings to be saved, i have car to get driving, i have a uni to get into, i have a bus pass to put away and a whole wod load more to do this year.

all in all i think i just wanna say if your 18, lowe your hype. read a book, set 2 year goals and screw your head on cuz at 19 more will be required of you.

this is very different to the original post but i hope you take some thing from this. 18=head down & lowe the hype, 19=step up and embrace the world and your part in it.

Thanks for reading. It’s all about love, peace, hair grease. love, peace, hair grease. *swings hips* love, peace, hair grease!



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