Have a fab day 🙂

(Note: I use Declaration and proclamation interchangeably but they both mean to publicly or formally announce a statement.)

These are a few things ive been saying the past 6 weeks or so. Biblical based and I pray your encouraged by what they say. Theyre like pick me ups and i haven’t gone really deep but I thought i’d share some proclamations with you. Not all declarations I remember so some are just coming to me as I write this.

  • I am above and not beneath
  • I am a daughter of the King of the most high. And because he is King I am entitled to prosperity, victory, peace, riches, confidence strength…
  • I am a royal priesthood
  • I have the ability to believe in the God that provides for all of my needs-the one who is all wise, all knowing, all present, the Alpha and the Omega
  • Nothing is impossible. My God makes everything possible.
  • I was created in Gods holy image. So I am beautiful, fearless and faithful.
  • 1 can slay 1,000 and 2 can kill 10,000- how much more can a 100 seater church slay when we humble ourselves in prayer?
  • The Lord is good to those who seek Him
  • I wont fall into temptation to gain the world and lose my God- because all my riches are stored up in heaven by my big new mansion on a street of gold.
  • Only on Gods side can I win, He is the winner man all the time.
  • I must decrease so God can increase. Lord take away everything so u can become my everything.
    Nothing, nothing else matters more than seeking my Jesus

A verse I like > Hebrews 4:12

“The word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow..”

Final note:

I recommend u get Hello Fear by Kirk Franklin n play that everyday for a gd 2 weeks, cuz u dont realize how much fear u have till a big obstacle comes. This cd helped me at a time when my faith and self esteem + confidence were at its lowest recently and I was able to acknowledge fear and my fears to remove them from me with the help of the songs + prayer.

If u already faced ur fears them gd, still get the cd for some gd music. It’s a realy really really great album!

Love, music and cocoa butter! xx


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