The Power Of A Shower


Recently on the TWM/n bus in Birmingham, UK I have been smelling some funky stuff. New scents I would have hoped were never created. This is a new wave of stink and it needs to be stopped b4 someone keels over or freezes in the middle of the road and dies from it.
Earlier this week, I (most ppl) was getting off my bus in town and I let a guy from upstairs come down in front of me- as we should let 1 from the stairs go through then 2 from downstairs and so on- N the man did walk in front a me n I froze from shock, bewilderment and utter disgust. Smh. No way should people be coming on public transport especially in this heat with an unclean body. Im sure in the bible it says to be clean and let the body be a temple. So lets use that principle ok!
Now where am I in this post…. Yes..
When leaving the house and coming among people of the human race one should have a minimum of 1 shower a day.
When you do shower, remember: pits, chest, privates, toes– as they are the main areas of dier odor concentration. Make sure they are scrubbed good with a wash cloth (wash rag), sponge, glove, bath puff or whatever else.
After the shower use: deodorant, that is very important. It’s also basic, and if you have perfume and good body cream use that too moisturize the skin. No ashy ankles, knees or elbows plz.
If you still dont seem to get heads turning at you in the right way consult a physician/doctor/Jesus/GP- but not Embarrassing bodies (tv show).
This is a very basic guide to letting you know the Power of a good shower, you can turn from gunk to hunk.
So Shower, shower, shower! I believe this will greatly add years onto your life (cuz u wont be depressed that u have no love or life) and youll increase your health.

Im sure none of my fb friends, twitter followers have a problem with a shower or bath. But please read, pass on the message, comment and share!

Disclaimer: this very basic shower skills set should definitely in practise from 12 (puberty age) to about 90 (after that, give them a bly).

Err, I think thats all I have to share on the Power Of A Shower!  You are however allowed as men to smell like you come from the gym, but plz go straight home n sort it. For women you only have that 1 time a month where you can’t help it especially in the heat: in this case, change ur pads often

Lool, I hope youve enjoyed reading this. But if ur like me n u get frozen in ur tracks plz say this prayer:

“Lord send down the rains of heaven n pour out a blessing on this individual to allow them to get to know what a Shower can do and if theyre going through a tough time help them get better. Amen!”

Thanks all! Love, shower n brush your teeth! 😉 xx


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