1 Name


Every now and again I get to a point where in one day I see a lot and my mind assess’s a lot. Stuff like someones tears, drama, examples of humility, humbleness and honesty etc. My heart gets heavy with this new info from the day or week and I physically feel like a load a some big bag a basmati rice has been added onto my shoulder.
Im not sure why but it happens every now and again. I know at this point I have to make a change and disconnect from the world and touch God. I need to find Him. But in the moment I do feel a sense of heaviness, I could let it control me and make me cry and submerge myself in negative ‘ive done all this bad stuff thoughts’.
But I always choose not to sink into this heaviness.
I always choose to pray. And when I pray in that prayer theres the usual greetings and about 10 thanks- day, life, fam, protection etc. Then the next few minutes are pauses and the 1 name ‘Jesus’. Literally the name Jesus continuously like its some new form a Chris brown I cant get over. And it dont seem like a prayer but me saying Jesus helps then I can go in to what ive learnt which is y I now feel a certain way and what we (me & Jesus) need to do next.
I thank God for the times when I speak Jesus into everything and that makes things better.
I know no other name that provides so much hope, happiness, reassurance, the feel of security and provision on this Earth other than Jesus.
Jesus is a prayer. It allows u to speak from your heart. Its like an activator along with a power and a direct line to the person ur calling (if u wanna talk to tom, u’d call tom and not call frank. Ya zimme?).

Hope this post was short and sweet and that the person meant to read this knows: that no matter how u feel or what u feel dont let it run you. Emotions last but a short time, decisions last a long time. So trust Jesus, He knows ur way. Say Jesus, He just has an effect that makes u feel soo much better. He brings joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. Like fa’real!

Try Him & lemme know 🙂

Love, peace & weave spray yall! Lol

(Im writing this @2am, after coming back from Flame’s [gospel rapper from the USA] concert in Birmingham tonight. Got his cd, played it @1 after I got in. Hes deffo touched me and led me to think of where Im going next in terms of what God wants me to do/be next).


One thought on “1 Name

  1. true, 2 often we allow situations 2 bring us down n be finkin “why me?” n 4get wot God has, is and will do 4 us, n that our situations aint bigger than God…..lovin dis

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