“I must tell Jesus”

I must tell Jesus All of my trials I cannot bear these burdens alone In my distress He kindly will help me He ever cares and loves His own

I must tell Jesus All of my troubles He’s a kind and compassionate friend If I but ask Him He will deliver Make of my troubles Quickly an end

I must tell Jesus I must tell Jesus I cannot bear these burdens alone I must tell Jesus, I must tell Jesus Jesus can help me, Jesus alone” (8)

This is an old song. I put it as a post cuz when you read it it tells u to give ur problems to Jesus. Recently ive been less of me, less real and just less. I saw this song n it made me think n I just sat there telling God my problems with tennis in the background on the HD.
I didnt wanna make totally spiritual blog or post, but I guess sometimes I write for me n the Christ part just comes in.
Anyhow ive come to the realization that sometimes u get accustomed of playing church so much, u fake it n dont even realize that u r. Its when ur slap bang in terrible need of God ur like, uh oh I really havent been giving him all my heart. So yh, thats all for today folks I really dont have very much to say but Pray for Me as im going through some personal things.
Oh and I start uni soon. Got into Coventry uni and ill b studying Psychology. Not as excited as I was b4, but im still looking forward to it n getting my degree in 3 yrs 🙂

Ill try post some more interesting things on a more regular basis, but for now have a great end to summer and a beautiful start to the school/education year!


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