image 9/11 was a few weeks ago. I kind of remembered like the last few days of August and kind of forgot about it, 2 wks after. Its that saying that if u feel it, u gunna learn it. Some of my family lives in New York and when 9/11 happened in 2001 it was a big deal and kind of scary checking on them. But I didnt lose anyone thankfully. I love America and on this 10th year anniversary they did what they always do- unite, respect and grieve with each other. For a country run on madness, they follow that scripture “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn” (Romans 12:15). They show a lot of love and patriotism to there country. Its 1 of the reasons I love over there so much. Along with -Thanksgiving, is a big thanksgiving with family (the fundamental roots of a person). -Christmas, is love and sharing and thoughts of Jesus. -Hanukkah, is big. -Sunday dinner, is big. -Independance Day. Lets not get started on that. And we cant forget -New years. Boii sah them 2 r huge! *thinks of the food* Americans appreciate there country at times they have to unite. Ive never seen a country quite like that.

[Appreciate is to recognize the full worth and be grateful for something.]

The point of my post isnt to boast on my beloved future home. But just to appreciate love, friendships and family. Lets not wait on death to c the whole fam or a wedding for us to dress up for a festive occasion or a day of gift giving to call the in laws. Appreciate the now. Appreciate life, love, friends and family. Ive really learnt that my family play a big part in my well being and almost sanity. Esp this yr as im starting uni. Theyve paid my fees (a bit over £3k), my equipment, my up n down costs, travel, driving lessons, mot+car. Theyll also be paying for my practical before Christmas and my insurance. A lot of ppl dont have parents that do that. And I truly appreciate them for pushing to get me sorted and for me n my bro not to be in want.

Im also happy I am going to uni. I need my degree so I can do the work I gotta do. I appreciate my friend ny, who has become like a sister and got me this job ive been at for the past year. The money has totally helped. Im grateful. Im also in total appreciation for my baby cousin (Jacintha) and my Godson (Manie). They bring me so much joy and im so in love with them as individuals and who God is moulding them to be. I tell there moms that there kids r now above them so dont be offended when I come to c the child n not bother with u. Lol. But yes there is a lot in this world to appreciate and im grateful for all God has bestowed on me

Count ur blessings, not the problems. For every blessing there is happiness (u may not see it). Ur blessings may not b given right away but theyre stored up in heaven-it lasts longer (eternity) up there! Once again I hope this isnt too long. Its 2am and im transferring files from my pc to laptop.

So love, friend & family! Xx