Buying gifts are hard. Some people are picky, others dont know what they want. Some are just too expensive for ur ‘good friend’ reserve, u may not have a job or u just dont like going and buying gifts.
Usually I buy people a card n put my heart in it. If I love yuh, u get a small gift. If ur related or I cba you may get money or food.
Now for me, ill happily accept a card, it means a lot that u bought a 30p one with the generic message n u write ur name on it. Like im serious I value cards! Home made ones are even better!- lol unless ur under 8 dont do that to me. I know times is tough and we in a quadruple dip recession but bruk the bank for the 30p n buy people a card.
I know males dont buy cards, but listen…. If ur not buying a card at our 19/20+ age u better buy me some oj or pay my meal or car parking (should b driving by next bday!). Or if there 6 a ya, share the price or atleast say ‘aaw ki u know I love u-I was gunna pay it but he is’. Iight cool. This has never happened for me, but id like to c male friends be gentlemen and courteous on my or another friends bday.

Now the point of my post. Even though we having some hot 24c weather in September/October… As Christmas is near I thought id say that Id love more Christmas cards this year. Fb wall posts r nice, but Yh. Ask my address n send it in the post. LOL nah, cuz im not doing that! However if u feel like getting me a Christmas gift, bday gift (June 5th), friendship gift, like me gift, neighbour gift, colleague/class mate gift or any form of gift. Im saying from now that I prefer money instead of clothes vouchers so I can buy food or weave or bus pass or book or paint etc. Thanks qway in advance.

B-) Xx

(short piece of a read, just felt like doing this on my bus journey home!)

Much love, perm n oj!

Btw oj= orange juice! (i dont drink squash. YACK!)


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