Im just a girl that likes a guy


I always tell the truth.. More or less.

U c I like this 1 friend, but if I say it to him it’ll make r friendship odd. Usually I be like ‘take it to the Lord in prayer’, but err its a bit more to it.

You see i’ve known him for a few years. He has an edge to him, a slight mystery. He won’t fully open up to me, even as a friend. I’m sure its because he knows that that slight touch more of closeness could bring us to a place where things will b unfamiliar for us both. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing?
He has a charm, he can be kind and considerate. He has a slightly big heart- but his heart has always been good when geared towards me. He works hard and from early morning, on the grind as he thinks. I just think that lack of sleep does no good to the dark under the eyes. He parties now and again, and as I remember from the parties we both been to, he can dance.
His mom has taught him well, keep the house tidy, don’t let a girl see the mess, help with the shopping + cooking. He loves his mom.
We rarely speak now, partly my fault as I closed myself off to him. I thought I liked him and the more I thought of it, the more I didn’t wanna slip up. So when I realized I liked him, it was late. Late for our friend ship and any other possible boat word.

Lol as I type this from my phone, a few ppl ive liked names have popped up in my predictive text.

This post is more geared towards the females, quite a few of us have felt like this and more intense, and if a guy is reading this he may be intrigued or think im talking of him. But im not, the guy I like.. The guy I wanted to write the post about.. Has changed. He couldnt even recognize that its him im talking about even if I put my feelings on a 4 page letter and seal it with a stamp!
We are now different people and all that can be is a friend ship. Which is what I want. Right now.

Haha, he’s a sweet guy still though. Occasionaly checking on me and sincerely cares of how I feel, he wants to go above and beyond to help me. Well he used to.
I miss his ‘real with me’ nature and constant interest in my life. The sweet character of a man touches me. Thats 1 of those things what make a man stand out and keeps me smiling.

If I go on, itll become a little to obvious of this wonderful God given friend that great parents have made.

Im just a girl/lady/woman/female that likes a guy and cant tell him. You feel me?




6 thoughts on “Im just a girl that likes a guy

  1. i love this.. its soo true and im sure there are many ladies out there that can relate to this. the key is patience. keep it up mama kaii xx

  2. Arwhh dats so kwl..woah im impressd nana kii..x
    its very inspirational and alott ov girls n boys can relate 2 diss well done ❤

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