I take no credit for any photos or video used. Most of these pictures are not mine. Just in case someone try hit me with a law suit or say an image is copyrighted.

I would like to say these pictures (hopefully) aint incriminating nobody, and i have no legal rights to most (90%). So if you copy from my sight etc, you know its on your head. Im just making it very clear, incase i see the po po knocking my door.

I’m being honest and my momma taught me right.

So there we have it. I dont own most of these pics and i didnt intend to break etc any copyright infringement.

I apologize if folk may be upset if i used their pictures and didnt reference or acknowledge them- thank you for your wonderful media and sorry. But contact me if you are, and ill take it down if your argument is good.

Final word. I am covering myself for all pictures/video/audio/ viewing pleasurable media that i have (past, present)) and will (future) post on my blogs .

Thank you,

kiki xx


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