Eye want candy

Eye candy (clicking image will take you to original site)

Better packaged as lust..

Im gunna refrain from Biblical remarks in this. Just know that lust needs to be very controlled and not acted on as it does very much tempt you..

Lately I been seeing all kinda wonderful men popping up outta the blue. Like when did Birmingham start breeding these 20 somethin year old men?! Cuz I shudda seen them at least 2 yrs ago so I cudda been getting married in 2 yrs time (after my degree).

Tyrese looking sharp

Well every where I b looking, even though its cold. Men are popping up sharp in suits or just clean cut. Its been great getting a bit of distraction walking down the rd. It really has.

I like me some tall men. Seeing as im 5″7 I have to look upto you (literally) for you to even b in my peripheral vision. Im American at heart so the whole basketball height thing is where im headed 😀 hehehe.

I cant remember exactly what I was gunna say in this post as it was originally written and conceived with a great mssg at night. But id like to say, at this current minute. If your a man and you have no ambitions or career prospect plz dont try move to a girl. If you wanna see her drawz n leave then atleast have money if you go in them drawz n leave suten behind, cuz things aint cheap no more! I dont condone girls being with men for money. But my right husband has to have the ability and capacity to create and support me and r future family (2-4 kids and a dog or 2 in a 4 bedroom house). So I set for high standards hence why I only notice men with confidence, (gd looks) n ooze potential. [Im at uni doing my degree, so dont worry im reaching a standard to where I want my husband to be at and higher.]

The other night I was in town with my ‘dad’. And he kinda said my thinking that I need a man with some money n a car (i was half joking, cuz this was what ive wanted till recently)- was wrong n read this thing to me bout Michelle Obama n husband. They were at some Indian restaurant and the owner used to know her and spoke to her in private saying he had a big crush on her in school etc. So she went back to her table n told her hubz (Mr. Prezzi) about it and he said, if u married him you would have owned this restaurant. And she said no, he wudda been president. Now the point my ‘dad’ was getting is that I have to have the right mind and drive that whomever im with, by me being with him I can make him something. (I think that was his mssg).

So I say this to say, Men: act right, look sharp, have morals, aim high and strive for ur dreams. Id b cool knowing my man tries hard to make it even if he stumbled and fell along the way. Ladies: dont b a gold digger. Build yourself up with the right characteristics (love, faithfulness, honesty, truth, trust etc), motives, morals (the important 1- hold out!) and be a respectable lady that ppl can look upto and a great guy would want to marry and have forever.

I aint saying it easy for neither genders. Im just saying try and try hard and keeping looking gooooood guys- I c u! 😉 LOL!

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Much sun, fun and toned buns! Hahahahaha


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