It all started after the Garden of Eden

This is about a thing that happens to women that men must put up with.

Youre probably not expecting what I’m about to say so if ur going to eat don’t read this yet. I want to say something that ppl dont talk about so I’ll write it on my blog.

Oh and men should read just cuz its good to know. Women may agree with what imma say.

Periods. Periods. Period. Periods!

Once a month for about 5 days most women get this (unless there about 50 and experiencing menopause).
Im only 19, but lemme tell you that this is some serious pain some females go through. It’s not a walk in the park and for some they can’t go to work because of it. Its such a pain in the abdominals that im sure men couldnt go through it.

However they have to deal with what comes with it : ATTITUDE. I’m quite a balanced person but Lord knows my emotions can go extreme n a passer by or someone I love can feel the wrath of my pain verbalized instantly. Its not easy to control, so I’m not sorry to the men that you have to deal with it. Tough cookie, deal with it.

This trouble all started from Eve (men don’t u dare start this women are manipulative cuz she ate the apple saga), cuz of what went down God said all the child birth stuff will be painful. Periods are linked to pregnancy/ child birth etc. If its one person I’d like to currently have words with in heaven it’s Eve, cuz the sista had the good life! Cranked with good food, luscious gardens, great weather, access to God. Like wow, she didn’t know what she had till it was gone! I don’t wanna judge her but she deffo disrupted my life all these centuries later.

Once again I cant remember the original intentions of this. But ill carry on.

I cant find a scripture for periods. But He was crucified for our pain and transgressions. Somehow I think in the contract we missed this pain out. I remember the last time, I nearly bawled in uni! I left tutorial early n just gaarn. So I got on the train and put my head down. When we arrived in new st the guy next to me tapped me to get up n he held up the line of ppl to let me out. Lovely chap, that i guess was God giving me some help.

To conclude. Women have periods- so painful (in the moment) you’d be happy if the rapture took you from it :-/

Back to my bar of chocolate xx


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