Great 2011

This year was 2010+1, (which is 2011.)

To say that it was easy?… Well it wasn’t. But my faith in God has grown through the challenges ive had to face.

Ive made great memories and have been blessed with 2 wonderful babies in which I play a part in their lives. (Ultra proud)

Ive had better relationships, put myself out there and have opened my heart more.

Ive had the most joke this year than any other year of life. The best jokes have been with Jesus involved or around a church or church person(s). From Nottz, to the slums to a Monday. Lol. I thank God for his favor, grace and love.

More than anything this year ive learnt that I need to control my emotions and trust in God totally. Uni has taken a lot of my time and I havent been to church as much but trust me, for the Sundays I miss I make up for it with my daily worship. I love God more than ever and its through the trials that ive learnt to pray and let Him fix my problems.

Im grateful for my friends- past, present, future; family; church family; my beautiful babas and love.

To my awesome readers, have a wonderful Christmas (Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah) season and a victorious 2012! Im gunna push for more because I want more. I will produce better so that I can get better. I will serve God more with my heart so all his kingdom riches will be added unto me (Thats Bible!).

My resolutions for 2011 was to write more, dance more and go harder. Im happy to say ive really done that. 2012 I just want it to be about more God in me.

Love you all for reading, commenting, sharing and regularly visiting. I think this is my last post for the year, thank u Mallyboo for inspiring me to start this! To the over 1000 views by ppl this yr im expecting u to save me some chicken, corn bread, velvet cake, gift voucher or suten fi Christmas, me soon deyah!

Love Jesus and remember that a Saviour was born before u slice up that bird cone Sunday 25th. Feliz Navidad




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