Yeah its 2012

*pops champagne n party poppers!* uhhhh nuhhhh..
Not the most airy fairy 2012 post ull read this January!

But this “with a new year comes a new me” slogan needs to stop being sold to the masses, like cake soap is being sold to those who think turning ur skin white is right. No, be true to who u r.
Im not here to talk on that…

You can make attempts to change everyday, have a fresh everyday, live on purpose everyday, love like crazy everyday (i mean that in the most respectable way).
When 2012 rang in I knew itd b good cuz near the end of 2011 I started enjoying life n putting myself out there so that life would get better. I didnt wait for a countdown or midnight kiss to mark a new me (*cough, cough*). No- I’m making iddy biddy changes to enhance me for what God wants of me.
I am not a sour puss, im just being real. The facadical hype of a turning of a new year is too much. The only hard thing about it is that it is no longer the year 2011 or December its like the clocks of life have reset to January. Which is where the “new” thing comes in.
Have a fab 2012 year even if the first month is stressful, hard, full of despair. God is still God n He’s still the rock of all ages.
(Im typing fast man!)
Last note. 2012 just be a better you, thats all I ask. My boo told me theyre thankful that I was still me! Im happy im me and am just getting better at it n filling out this wonderful Kirah skin. Lol. Not the other thing what I wanted to say… Here we go. Priorities, get them right. I can not be dealing with indirects anymore, no more He say, she say, NADA! Adios! I have to be important in my life and right before I can care for anyone else or there wellbeing. I start fuming when people think that they must be at the top of everyones Christmas tree because theyre circumstances have changed. (I didnt put up a tree so thats probz y I dont care for others gaining status over me).
I think im done now. Took 12 minutes to write, hope you get it. I cant see much of a huge point. I just felt like a rant and I tried not to go in n write lots. I really did.

But really though, enjoy 2012. Like grab it by its collar n kiss it long n hard like youve never kissed before…. Soz, thinking of a movie scene. Anyway lets keep it unsugar coated but full of love.

God bless you all. I appreciate the reads, comments, repostings, likes, etc. Thank you very much.

2012… Come here baybeh *runs into it to hug like the movies where long time lovers r reunited*.

Lol 😉 xx


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