An early morning feel

12/01/2012 07:48 Sunrise

I wrote this on twitter yesterday morning but have adapted it a bit (would have posted it yesterday but the wordpress app doesnt allow you to add media, and I really wanted this picture up).
I was having a very pleasant morning.

YOU cant describe why your happy but you just are, the day didnt start very fab but no matter what you are okay. Your mind is at ease, your spirits high, you laugh at despair and the only care in the world is getting to your exam on time and getting more than half marks. You dont even mind taking ur stuff off the next seat for the passenger, you even do it happily in your heart! Your thankful for life and that you had the biggest blessing of waking up this morning AND seeing an incredible sunset. Yes, this morning with the Help of Chris brown in his truest form I feel exceptionally happy. I know Jesus is with me and I feel alive even though I was up at 6 and had 5 hrs slp. Will it last all day? Dunno, but im enjoying the moment 😀 Whatever my exam results ill b thankful for the marks, it isnt by my knowledge ive done well in education its the Christ in me. All the glory belongs to Him and I am gushing at the fact that He chose me, a sinner, to be one of his called on the straight and narrow.
Faith in Jesus, you readers, is why I know im really happy this morning. That He’ll do all He said He would do.
A YouTube video says “Religion is man searching for God and Jesus is God searching for man” and its true.

Be grateful, love and live!


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