Love you mom

Sometimes we take people, life, miscellaneous things for granted. I loved my last 2 Sony Ericssons before they went bad then I used to tell it to behave n cuss it like u c them Jamaican moms that bad up their kids in public. And right when my phone would go bad id plead it … More Love you mom

What is normal

Normal in what psychology taught me is what the majority of a society believes and does and it then becomes the(ir) norm. Bare with me as I ramble, ive been thinking about normality for a few wks. But more so today and yesterday. Every decade im sure whats seen as normal changes. In the 40s … More What is normal


Recently I did some nonwise things and I wanna share some stuff the Bible piece together for me. This will be short. (scriptures at the end) I was reading wisdom because someone corrected me and made me read it to know more of it. Not gunna lie that person made me tear up (1st thing … More Wisdom