Recently I did some nonwise things and I wanna share some stuff the Bible piece together for me.
This will be short. (scriptures at the end)

I was reading wisdom because someone corrected me and made me read it to know more of it. Not gunna lie that person made me tear up (1st thing in the morning!) cuz they said how bad I handled a sitch. Regardless that person made me better, thank you. And I needed a new blog post so I thought id share what I learned here.

In the Bible it says wisdom is enshrined in an understanding heart and fools dont have it. Kindness, wisdom and understanding were given to us. Wisdom is distant and hard to find. Wisdom screams out in the streets for us to hear. Yet wisdom has her house built with strong podiums in them. It comes with good sense, strengthened through Jesus and comes with age.
To me, wisdom is within us and is hard to find. She screams at us all the time to use her and we dont. She is a fully fledged building thats got foundations in us and signed her title deed to the house. She probly screaming cuz shes annoyed we dont use her as we should. Wisdom is there and through reading the Bible and listening to Gods clear, still voice we can get more and learn more.

Theres so much more but thats just really made me think. After reading my Bible I used to pray and say, “May the Lord add his richest blessing, wisdom, direction, understanding and application unto me. Amen” < I need to get back to saying the full thing.

But thats it folks just had to share it with you this morning as im skipping uni lectures today (shhh!) to do some much needed reading (Bible and lecture/seminar notes).

Love, apple juice, nandos chicken!


Proverbs 14:33; 1:20; 9:1; 24:3; 8:1; 9:11; Eccl 7:24; Job 12:12.


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