What is normal

Normal in what psychology taught me is what the majority of a society believes and does and it then becomes the(ir) norm.
Bare with me as I ramble, ive been thinking about normality for a few wks. But more so today and yesterday.
Every decade im sure whats seen as normal changes. In the 40s up to at least the 90s, homosexuality wasnt allowed. It was shunned. It was even a crime at one point, when Catholicism ran the country (I’m in the UK). But in the past 5 years id say its been more and more recognized, people are “coming out of the closet”, they can get civil partnerships (marriage kinda thing), they have rights (remember in 2010 a pair sued some Christian b&b cuz they didnt let em stay?), it’s in the tv dramas etc, theyre trying to teach it in the curriculum along with what I see as normal for male to female relationships, celebs r doing it- writing and singing it.
Im not particularly homophobic. I just feel like writing and not Bible bashing anyone.
The other day me, an older guy and some 12-17 y/o were talking about different things. And on this homosexual topic, Romans 1 after v20 speaks a lot.

In the early 1900’s sex outside of marriage was forbidden. Your baby cudda been taken off you. In the 50s when you were 25 your friendship group who were moms were almost all married. Today, Feb 2012 being 20 a lot of your friendship group are moms and maybe 1 is married. Let’s not cover if they’re still with their baby daddy/mom. The amount of young people having abortions are staggering, I’m talking 11 and 12 y/o kids are having sex. Today, At 15 youve probably had your 1st sexual encounter.
Once again I’m not cussin no one, im just saying that this is now normal. Having a baby and maybe a few exes.

Tattoos. Everyone has one. The star ones were common at once. What one celebrity does everyone does. Chris Brown did blonde hair. Rihanna did red hair. Lil Wayne and his ridonculous amount of tats doesnt mean you must go and get bare to look gangsta or what ever. This guy looks a dark coffee, ugly, hot mess. [If weezy reads this, know im not knocking your music].

True RnB music is uncommon! Miss that good rhythm that was mainstream.

Last one. More personal to me as a Christian. Being a Christian is less and less important< It was either Stupid number 1 or Stupid number 2 who are Prime and “Vice” Prime ministers of the UK that said it last month. What the world has to offer is so much more appealing. And a lot of Christians have ‘slipped’ but dont forget grace covers it all. Jahaziel on his Still Livin mixtape on Come Home ForeRunnaz remix says “I don’t deserve to be close, I’ve done some things they dont know. But I can softly, hear You, saying, come home”. [Jahaziel if youre reading this, bro you the bro!] Christians are seen in clubs, pubs, smoking weed, getting down, etc. Youll probly see me at a few clubs err now and again. I’m not perfect. Im saying what I and a lot of ‘Christians’ do. Its not the easiest of roads but it can be an easier cookie if you want it to. Christians, if youre reading. Know that we all struggle to. On a daaaaiiiillyyy, but God still loves and adores you and me!

↑This was written Feb 2012.
Today ‘normal’ has changed even more it’s scary to think about what was different from when you were a toddler to a grown adult now.


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