Love you mom

Sometimes we take people, life, miscellaneous things for granted.
I loved my last 2 Sony Ericssons before they went bad then I used to tell it to behave n cuss it like u c them Jamaican moms that bad up their kids in public. And right when my phone would go bad id plead it to live, I even pray for it. (Hey, my God runs tings). Then itll b alive and id do good by it for a bit and slowly start to underappreciate it.
Its the same with people we take for granted. We dont know the full value of them till they take a turn for the worse, usually.
My mom had to go in for an op recently, and not all odds were in her favour. We’re a believing family, that Jesus is Lord and will do whats in His will. Im not a worrier, I totally leave things up to God. This time I half did. When my mom was texting me the morning she went in and told me that shes about to go in. I said I love you mom, and she said I love you. Im not gunna front that I wasnt scared. I was. I was at my friends house from the night before for a slpover n when I got that text I got teary. I was like “imma go take my shower come back”. In that serious moment I knew how important it was that I am close to my mom. We say I love you all the time. But it was the fear that this could be the last that did had wet mi eyes dem!
I could go into detail about our relationship n her health but theres no need. My moms op was successful. During that day people said things that really encouraged me, yet they didnt know it. I told a handful of people about moms op. But I saw the divine messages of reassurance in my Christian friends. So for you great people, keep proclaiming what the Bible says as u dont know who may b checking their fb news feed or Twitter tl, I was touched on there quite a bit.

Appreciate others and show them when theyre alive and well.

This was written 19th Jan.

16th of Feb my grandma died. And i didnt get to say goodbye. I stopped visiting her as much as she was slowly changing and didnt talk as much. But i do know when we were told she had a few days it hurt and I still didnt go see her. Mom said one of the times after she spent the day with her that it may be best to remember her as she was. So that i’ll do, I’ll remember Princess E. Dyer as the cheeky lil grandma she was 🙂 About 20mins before mom got the call that extremely early Thursday morning (im talking 00:15) I said “if she dies before she wakes, I pray Dear Lord her soul you take” and a few more lines asking for grace and mercy over her. I didnt know that would be the last prayer for her as she was alive, but im happy i got that in for her before sweet Jesus took her home.



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