Princess brought us together

If you didnt read the previous post u may want to first..

Princess xx

Before the funeral, a week or days before to some I told everyone “nuh cry, say yuh suten n get off”. Now there is me reading scripture after about the 5th word the waterworks start. Lol, a 40 sec 7 verse scripture took a good ffffeeeewwww minutes to be said. Then you know what granny did? She caused me to hyperventilate n use my asthma pump. I can laugh a week later cuz I aint used my pump in months, till Friday. Ha, I love my granny. In the service most of the 20 members present of the family spoke. There were funny bits they shared about gran, things I didnt know. It was nice. Oh and last post I said the adults were arguing about a part of the eulogy, I think they came to agree it was the late 90’s. And thats what my minister uncle said as he spoke. Then my pastor uncle preached (Im sure granny was beaming up there at that) a charismatic word and said that we dont die, we fall asleep. Google that, he said it in reference to Lazarus in the NT. So my gran is sleeping and having a good chat with Jesus.

“Our mourning is natural but our rejoicing is supernatural.”
One more thing he said : Jesus sees us all as precious, alive, broken, whole, asleep- we are precious. My granny most certainly was.

Now the Saturday most of us went to London to shop on oxford street. That wasnt the original plan but it happened like this anyway. It was fun. It was really fun, minus the arguments, shouting, etc. For an all black (minus a few mixes) strong family, it was a good day out.

Granny brought us all together. I cant thank this woman enough for holding it down and coping more than half her life without her man. She raised her 8 kids in Monsterrat, in a smally little house and she was good to everyone. Some called her mom, aunty Anne, princess, granny, sis, among other endearment terms. My gran taught us a lot. I would share 1 valuable thing but its more a girl thing and I wanna bring this to a close.

Granny was laid to rest (09/03/12) to meet the Father in the glorious heavens. She died at the age of 71 (on 17/02/12) a month after her birthday, leaving behind 8 kids, about 20 grandkids and 5 great grandkids < most of which she had met.

Love you Princess!


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