The pain of car insurance

Why is it always some dumb show off air head young person that messes things up for the young people a decade after them? Why, do they not know how hard it was to get a license and all the learning you had to do to pass? Why waste it within a year of having your pink plastic and bruk up your car?

I passed my test like 3 weeks ago, and the car insurance for young ppl is only profitable to the company and detrimental to me. Who wants to pay £3k for a £5k+ car? Im a responsible driver n the £3k is the same money I pay for my year of uni. You know what three thousand pounds can buy? Do you know?! I dont think you do..
Break it down: 2 wk Holiday to New York- flight (BHX to JFK) , accommodation, 4 nights out a week and about £1,000 left spending money. AND being able to pay overweight luggage prices back home.
I know these things because I love to travel. Or with the £3k I could travel to Italy and buy some Louboutins, a Chanel coat and come back!

Now who on the good green earth wants to pay just over £3,000.00 to insure the car? I did the practical enough to know how careful I have to drive, trust me the days I took my test Kingstanding was like an Iraqi bomb site. I am a RESPONSIBLE driver and I want to be rid of my bus pass.
There are pros n cons to driving. Like the petrol, imagine I put in £20.01 and filled the gas (Go) meter to half way… 3 and a half days later, im at half a that half. My err driver brought me everywhere needed but I was still shocked. Gas nuh cheap!
Regardless of that. I no longer want to support travel west midlands, the taxi companies, and ask a friend (thanks hun 😛 ) to be taken about the place. I want to drive because ive paid about a grand learning (AA lessons then couple private lessons, all tests and materials) how to work the contraption safely.

Im fuming. But God is a good God. And if I have to get the black box thing that can measure my speed and thing, so be it.

I really want to drive. When we were in Scotland, Cumbria we went to a car dealership. So ive test driven in the car lot (left my license in brum) and I was so close to getting my car. But, the insurance made us go > o_O 😮 X_x
I want this, no yall I need this. Waiting in the rain for a bus that runs on white or black time has come and gone. Kirah is almost dag-arn 20, has her license and has put up with enough set backs. Watermelon, I want this!

Pray for me to get a good car and £1000 or less priced insurance.
Rant done!


(Lol im that eager to drive, I jumped in the car in my pjs the other month!)



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