A bit of a rant

Taken from some of my tweets on twitter (@hmmkiki)

I can’t find a very big comfortable outfit for church tomorrow 😦 I wanna wear a tracksuit. But I cba with the stupid looks on peoples faces *sigh*. Like, what is she wearing, has she been kicked out?, oh Lorrrrddd, I hope she doesnt talk to me.
Peer pressure to wear the biggest, best heels or prettiest dress n perfect hair, just for church is not what I always want to do. Most times its just female ego why we come in in huge heels or an over and above our budget dress. Or maybe, it’s just me? (the heels bit).
I wanna go church comfy enough where I can praise break, get fly kicked by God in the spirit and not care that my hair looks like bed head from rolling around on the floor, getting what I came to get from God.
But no, the illusions of what a great Christian woman looks like holds me back from breaking the norm.
Im not knocking Christians, I think we are a cool, loving, distinguishable type of people. But every now and again I want to go to church ultra comfy and not have to explain my attire. I want to just sit back, soak in the presence of God and be able to freely express me and my heart to Him. Sometimes I hate even a pretty dress because I just wanna chill n worship God in my baggy tee n lounge pants. I wanna raise my hand and not worry about my sweat patch appearing. I wanna lay prostrate on the floor like, “God im here, I need you, I can’t go on living without you, and i’m not moving till you tell me what’s next”.
Think I’m done, I just wanted to put out a frustration about clothing to church. My comfort helps with the expression of my worship. When I get to p&w, I wanna happily go in with no constraints like how I run in to the heavenlies at home.
But I do think looking your best to church 8/10 is great too. Im not knocking anyone for getting dressed (lol) up for church. Look hot and be able to clap and not rip your trousers leg or dress and be happy. Haha.

But yes, God is good! Love him, and i’ll pull on jeans and a big top tomorrow for church 😀 Have a blessed week, readers! AND PLEASE dDon’t take all my tweets and blog posts seriously 😉 Xx


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