Brief story

Love your friends and love what you have.

I re-met my old best friend the other month. We’ve been bffs from since year 8 so thats about 7 years i think. Somehow after college we lost each other, and slowly met back in the past 2 years. But this time we re-met, she’s stuck around and has been ever present. I love this sis, like i love potatoes! As much as she has terrrible time keeping, breast enough to share and a bad habit of speaking in portugese in front of me and not translating,  I still love her. The time keeping could definitely change, but in time (by age 21) I pray she gets better.

(My other bff will probably feel left out) I would also like to take the time to say thank you crazy, for kinda never disappearing and for giving me my favourite Godchild. He means so much to me, and seeing him makes every bad emotionI had prior disappear. I love him like my own, as if i pushed him out- but I didnt only D has the hips for that right now. LOL.

To get to the title of this post ‘brief story’… My friend always does this thing where she will baitfully try and sell me to the guy in the room or ask the guy something personal that I know will make him think that my friends trying to work something between us. So the other day, once again the friend did keep saying ‘oh you 2 look good together’ this and that (I aint gunna lie, he cute and we got a good random pic together). I completely try and cool it over by trying to make things less awkward between the 2 of us, because 1- he has a girl, 2- momma didnt raise no homewrecker. I can’t describe how awkward a situation is with a guy you have recently gotten to know and get along really well with, that has a girl and your friends are tryna let him see sense in his relationship for you to get in there. I will say its sweet how loving my friends can be for attempting to hook a sista up to my near ‘ideal guy’, but i feel sorry for him in his tough time. Cuz i dont want his crazy gf to come and try kick my ass and call on witchdocta! Me nah inna nun a dat!

I say the short (can’t give too much detail) story to say that you should love your friends. Even though they crazy and deranged and loony and need admittance to a mental assylum, a lotta times they really have your best interest at heart! 🙂

I felt like updating you all briefly. Oh and I finished uni about 5 weeks ago, I am looking for a job. And my bday is 2 weeks today, if you would like to bless a sista please ask for my paypal email. I accept all monetary gifts over £5. Thankyou!



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