I’m 20 *does birthday dance*

So I stepped in the shower last night at 19 and stepped out age 20!
Haha Im so ready for this age. No longer a teen, not yet a big ‘ooman.

Well ive had a fab birthday. A blessed year gone and another to come. Go karting yesterday with great friends and family meal today 🙂

Its kinda shocking how i’ve been on earth 2 decades and can better recall the last 8-10 yrs better than the first decade. Which is fine by me. Btw, im a gemini and us June babies kick ass!

Im grateful to God, the most high, the lily of the valley, the bright and shining star, the lamb of God, the lion of Judah, the… Need I go on?! Jesus Christ ah Di biggest and bestest God deh! Lool.
I woke up yesterday (last teen year) and tried to think of all the great things and bad things to thank Him for. There’s actually a lot. This morning I got up and I was so happy to live to see this day. Many a times ive felt that I wouldnt make it through the night, but God kept me.

So Im thankful for the bad, the down right dirty, the good, the great, the drama, the peace, the liars, thieving this n thats, the good men, the bad men, the good friends, the bad friends, hurricane seasons, joyful seasons and all the bits in between. Even the strict church to the half way loving church! I am thankful for it all cuz the drama and the mess and the pain made me who I am. I mean I wudda liked it to have been easier but I had to learn and remember.
This 20th year I just wanna have more fun and achieve even more than I already have. I wanna keep loving and put that loving to good use (get ur mind out the bins).
Oh what fun there will be. I doubt ill be less rude, cheeky, sensitive to your feelings but I can almost guarantee I will be the best me I know how to be (once God shows me)! Been with God 20 years physically + all the eons of years he’s had me in His thoughts to create and let me be at such a time as this (Jer 29). Aah im excited!

Have a great night sleep- I know I will (memory foam mattress!), keep dancing and keep smiling 😀


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