Sorry for not writing for a minute!

To everyone that follows my blogs. I am tremendously sorry that i have not written in a while.

I’m currently in America for Camp America. Im missing the London 2012 Olympics 😦  i love Athletics- but im doing something i’ve been wanting to do for a year and a half now.

I had an interview June 22nd, midnight UK time and got the job to come. So i rushed around to get everything then I flew out on June 25th and have been here ever since. Due to the rush and stuff i had to tell people sporadically like ‘hey im leaving in a few days have a good summer’. I didnt get to tell my wordpress readers and im sorry.

I’ve enjoyed camp so far, im in the mountains of Colorado at a christian camp run by the Salvation Army (Ermmm the word christian need to be used loosley in this). I have enjoyed the camp, people, kids and being a camp counsellor here. I will give a full account maybe end August when im back in the UK. Just for right now we only get our electronics when every camp finished which is like a day and a half. That doesn’t give me a lot of time to check facebook, twitter, call my parents and bestie and also write.

Do know that i’m thankful you read my blog and that I will inform you of my trip here in Colorado and when I get to NEw York and Ohio before I return home.

In the mean time have a great summer, watch the olympics and know that God is love!

Love peace, and egg fried rice 😉



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