Do you have a boyfriend?

So I’m in America still, New York to be exact and im sitting on the phone to a dread.
Then I get asked the question, “do you have a boyfriend?” I haven’t heard that question in a while yet still I answer with a polite “no”. He then adds that not being a relationship is totally fine.

I’m fine (currently) being single. As Becky said an age ago im like Ruth waiting for my Boaz. Being single lets me not worry about who I talk to or dance with. I dont have to be concerned about what I wear, I happily dress for me with possibly someone in mind. But yeah single is the time you can better yourself and get to know God for you. And while your in their knowing God, He gunna help you out (in His sweet time) and show you the partner He has that’s also searching for Him to get to you. Plus God loves unconditionally more than any other person can. He got that good love, I love me my Jesus 😀
But the next question he asked, Do you like guys?
Ok now I get why he asked because the other day we were walking n he’s loudly glorifying these pretty women then asking me where she from cuz she cant be fully white. Now I’m smart and can guess origins. Plus we have a close mutual we kick with thats dating in the same lane.
Anyhow so in my head I am like what the hell, so because I dont have a man that means im turning the corna? Oh no hunny, Jesus is with me!
So with that said, this blog writer is single and loves men. If you are looking particularly handsome when I walk past I am dropping you compliments! Wooopppdidoo

P.s. New York is filled with hot men errwhere even in Victoria secrets they got sexy male workers, Shite!!

Haha 😉 xx


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