Flashback beatings

So the other night after a different day I was in bed n had a flashback from elementary (early stimulation more like smart kindergarten) school. Now I was born n bred in the Caribbean, half dutch half french Island, and giving a beating was as casual as tying your shoelaces.
But I remember in (gotta change the school names etc just incase) NAP one day we had a substitute teacher for a couple weeks. Then r teacher came back n her hormones were just making her a monster. So it was after lunch n we sitting in class, we’re about 5/6 n can’t hold our bladder. There’s atleast 25 kids in the class n half of us needed to p. This Ms. Maple allowed about 2 kids to go then got annoyed when more wanted to. So she just said no. These times I needed it but not I’m-about-to-send-a-flood type thing. While she’s cussing us n beating us with a ruler in r hand for not knowing the answers. Someone leaked when she beat there hand at the front a class. We didn’t laugh cuz we knew 1) we need to p 2) we need know the answer 3) this will b us in 3 minutes! Now the woman is screwing cuz someone wet her floor but she then allowed them to go bathroom to finish urinating. While us little lambs r still scared n full a p.
When I look back its quite funny but it’s sad how they let stuff like that happen in the 90’s.
Anyhow so this guy who was sitting 1 row back n to my left was there. Everyone s head was down, as everyone tries to work n figure out how to not p themself. 2 2’s my man wet himself n chair then a next girl wet herself n started crying. You don’t understand as funny as it was I was like uh oh too much p, I can’t cope, please do not p right now. Now I’m stressed over my body keeping it in. Teacher is mad n has to bring the kids to the office.
The rest of this flashback I’m not sure if she let us p or we legged it down the hall. But I know I got to the toilet n released the flood gates n was 1 of the few who went home from that class in dry underwear. Aah.
Now what I don’t get is y the woman ws pressuring us n beating us knowing we need to p. Wait I remember we were doing maths in dutch with that whole input output thing. Regardless that school memory is a parr.

However I have seen some beatings in school. I moved school n went to a religious school. Jesus may have been in the curriculum but He didn’t hide the belts n rulers n sticks n bats from the teachers.
Now I only got beat in my hand here with a ruler maybe about 1-4x, I’m not sure. But I remember a ruler breaking. But I did see some beatings with shoes n teachers chasing the kids out a class with their weapon of discipline. Some kids got better after beatings, some didn’t. 1 a those things. I saw bare licks here than on my own street. 1 time my neighbor beat her kid with stick, spoon n pot from in her house about 100m down (u heard the pain through the wall) to outside n round the corner. Tbh the child had to run else they wudda died. I don’t know what they did but I was like 8 n they were teens. Woii
With that being said. Beatings from adults made me turn out pretty decent. But I’m not living in the Caribbean again n letting my kids go through that system. No way. Me, my future husband and God will keep them in check!

Comment, like, share this post and any others. I forgot to do the what I learnt at camp thing. I wasn’t going to because there was some very different stuff n stories I could say. But I wanna work again next yr so let’s not shine a bad light on anyone. I should b doing ‘at camp I learned…’ just a short piece in a few wks.

Peace, love n study your books! Those starting uni, boo it’s the time of your learning life n don’t be Yolo (You Only Live Once). Uni is too Yolo and I don’t even start till next wk but I realized this 2 wks ago. Regardless have fun



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