I feel good

Every now and again I am astounded at the magnificence and brilliance that is around me in the people, places and situations I see. I am encouraged and inspired by scenery, objects, pictures. Everything in this world has a place and every body has a place. We find love, we find old friends, we find great shoes, we bump into doors, but through whatever we do when meeting, finding, hitting- we should be happy. Happy in the sense that we are alive and have breath to do it.
Not everyone lives and sees today through the eyes you see it through. Not everyone can even see, touch, move, etc like you. Its a blessing to be all right. It’s good to feel good.
You only have one life to live, live it good. With purpose, joy, peace and some Jesus 🙂

I need a new way to say bye. Hold it down, A… dunno lemme dougie out n let God love u until u learn to love yourself! Xx

Thanks to those that gave me ideas for possible endings to my posts!


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