Is it just me

Is it just me or sometimes the way you want to convey a message is best done via writing it?

I’ve had arguments where really n truly how I saw it in my head with the words I wanted to say didn’t need to b an argument.
Writing things just gives me a chance to express in detail with eloquence and peace. I don’t have to comment back on what ur chiming in in my statement. I don’t have to add expression or emphasis. I don’t have to cry, shout or shy away at parts. I can just write everything with lots of thought and heart then you read and take it in carefully. Then you can not misquote me but can appreciate what I have to say better. Because I took the time to put my feelings out in a way that you could better understand it with no face and expressions to detract from the seriousness of the matter.
I dunno but writing to a person important stuff is easier than saying it and have an argument. If anything let’s argue after cuz atleast all my coherent thoughts were given to you and I don’t have to think of a lawyers styled opening statement on the spot.
This is just me, I was thinking about it just now in the shower.
But recently I wrote stuff wrong (phone message) n it just came out bland. So I do sometimes see why words from a mouth with expressions, tone and pitch is quite important. Yet really if it’s a serious matter like defcon 4 then we should then b able to discuss it like adults and not act a fool and jump to conclusion.
This is just my thought. But I’m also quite different in that u need to know me for yrs so when it’s serious n I say it through words or writing I give you detail to understand. But if ive known u under 5 yrs mate I won’t give u detail at all. I’ll put it plain n simple like boil chicken if I try season it up it won’t b to ur understanding cuz u don’t know how I cook. Get me? No, cool.
I’d give an example of a time I wrote suten blunt, simple, no detail by text but all a now 3 yrs later it’d b seen as a ‘too soon’ moment.
I know not everyone gets me and it’s cool. You live and learn how to express and talk to people.

Lemme know how it is for you. Like comment, share, @ me (hmmkiki on Twitter and insta).

Oh the bible element. Hmm, cant think of one. The word of God is sharper than any two edged sword (Hebrews 4). But this aint the bible, its my blog. How about, the pen is mightier than the sword? Dunno if that works with what I’m saying. Aah well.

One-zee! Xx
(^^ no, yes? Trying to get a different goodbye atm)


One thought on “Is it just me

  1. love the enthusiasm! havent read your blog in a while… hope youre well though Ki. Oh, and you should vary your goodbyes depending on a certain something e.g. a bible verse, a song quote, a current feeling, the theme of the blog. keeps it interesting.

    Keep reaching for the stars yo!

    Yours sincerely, in Him.

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