How do you…

So I was fretting n cussing n huffing n ready to machete half of the Coventry uni top guys due to their foolish … listen I have an UN MARKED (UNIMPORTANT) 5-10 min PRESENTATION for Monday 2nd. Then the 6th (half way done) n 13th (10% started) I have looming deadlines for. Mate y u asking me to do unnecessary work right before my important deadlines?
Suffice it to say I was thoroughly unimpressed when I realized this today.

Now to my point (btw I saw Chris Tucker yday at his Guess Who’s Back Birmingham leg of the tour. I ♥ him! )…

Dark nights, pretty moon's

I’ve been thinking about how unconditional Gods love is and how much he takes us back time n time after we’ve cheated on Him, divorced Him, ran away, cursed, questioned, embarrassed, disappointed, neglected, relinquished His rights. … the list goes on. But the Word still says he loves us forgives us and wants us to be with Him! I’m writing from my phone so opening the internet back n forth to show u verses is hard. But in Romans it says that no matter what he still wants us, His followers back. In psalms it mentions how he is close to the broken. In Corinthians it shares what love is- I have never lived up to all those things but I’d like to for God. It says in the new testament somewhere that we are but filthy rag cloths, yet we are set a little lower than the Angels (ps 8), and He lets them work on our behalf??? It’s mind boggling the few scriptures that come to mind just how much He loves us even in our sin. He knows we were born in sin and shaped in iniquity! I dunno how to make this resonate with you. I’ve been tweeting from a church account cuz I’m on this womens team thing (they trust ME you know, what a ting!), and so I write good stuff. And as I’m writing n quoting scriptures I’m seeing more of God’s promises n love is very much there in the bible. It don’t say it too much because it’s the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (learnt that acronym at camp). But when it says about God’s love it’s immaculate.
So after my near midnight shower I was praying. Then I was like, Lord how do I show you my love? Simple follow the B.I. B.L.E. Lord how can I make you smile? Do as the Word directs n live a life pleasing to God. Dad how can I entertain you? Praise. Daddy, how can I make you laugh? I didn’t get an answer tor that cuz I was like all my jokes u know. I don’t know a way to make God laugh other than triumphing over my enemies but on a more simplistic format I got stumped :-S I have no answer for this but felt like sharing all this to ask out loud, how do u make God, the creator of all, our Father laugh? Just like you and I can laugh about def comedy jam (not the best example but a lot of my first thoughts humour comes at someone else’s expense- like seeing a bad, floppy weave -_-).

Anyhow yes. Just 3 weeks left of uni and my beautiful timetable before the holidays, revision, exams and the dreadful timetable kicks in!

To end, fiercehumility (that’s his WordPress) advised me to share a thought/feeling as my closing. Here goes…
Yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me. For the bible tells me so


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