An act of kindness

As its the sale period after Christmas. You know as a female I had to participate. First I jumped online then visited stores. I’ve bought about 6 articles of clothing and puts the tally up to about 10 since I came back from America. I just don’t like shopping here. That’s not the point. As … More An act of kindness

Victory is mine

The victory is the Lord’s. No matter what battles I get into. I gotta hand over my strife, burdens n pain to the master. I submit it to Him as I do myself. I know With Him I can win. If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans) I’ve had the second … More Victory is mine

Hi, How are you?

    Don’t ask how I am if you really don’t want to know. The most common lie we tell to the popular question of ‘How are you?’, is ‘I’m fine and you?’. We ask just because society tells us to; to show we care. But really if someone told you the long answer of how … More Hi, How are you?