Hi, How are you?

LOL, I just found this funny.
LOL, I just found this funny.



Don’t ask how I am if you really don’t want to know.
The most common lie we tell to the popular question of ‘How are you?’, is ‘I’m fine and you?’.
We ask just because society tells us to; to show we care. But really if someone told you the long answer of how they are: would you listen, care or even have time?
Bro most times I don’t really have time to listen to the long truth. I ask to get pleasantries out the way or if I see someone in passing and can’t stop, I’ll b like *waves* Hi you ok, cool, yeah me too, see ya! That sounds selfish like I don’t care but I kinda most time (1/3) do but I’m usually in a rush.
However, I feel that when I’m asked the same question I answer with “I’m good thanks” based on what I just explained

  1. A lot of people don’t care, could possibly include you
  2. I couldn’t trust everyone with how I truly felt
  3. You’re like me and want to get it out the way
  4. I actually am just fine, good and dandy.

There’s probably more reasons, but can you think of more?
Anyway, if you ask in future how I am.. I’ll most likely give the same polite answer, just a heads up. But, if you need me then I can help you out and be an ear, if you need to really answer this question of, “How Are You?”


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