Victory is mine

The victory is the Lord’s.
No matter what battles I get into. I gotta hand over my strife, burdens n pain to the master. I submit it to Him as I do myself. I know With Him I can win. If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans)
I’ve had the second emotional wk since summer. I’m glad it’s over. Details aren’t needed. But if I knew on Friday what I knew on Monday it would have been easier.
Next time, from the onset I just need to remember to give God the reins.
Sometimes I pray and words make no sense. Those are the times my heart has to speak n fill the gap where my words lack.
Victory is mine sayeth the Lord!
Oh and the past few wks I’ve been thinking about friendships I’ve ruined n we manage to patch up. I prefer if I hurt someone like an ignorant douche to apologize, cuz sometimes I’m either blindingly ignorant or too honest. Some friends need to go so u can move on with your life. And sometimes you need to get out of peoples lives as to not hinder them. So to the friends I’ve lost, letting go of or mistreated I’m sorry. We won’t always fit in each other’s life. Lets pack up the bags n go! God bless u on your life journey.
Everyday has its troubles, issues, negatives n all. Matt 6:34-Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Face it head strong n know that God’s got the victory. Trust and believe!
Victory is mine sayeth the Lord! (Can’t find the exact verse so Romans 12:17-21, 2 Chronicles 20:15 will do)

Be at peace and chill. I wrote this 20 mins ago (1:30am) I feel high off of reflection, realization and understanding. It’s a good place to be after this week. Night Xx


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