Drunken writer experiment

Being drunk isn’t good guys. I like walking in a straight line and being able to spell 🤣
I have never been wasted. But it’s an experience. My friend and I have had like 4+ vodka mixes and a few double vodkas. I knew I was tipsy from the hotel. Now I’m at the club. Don’t ask. I’ve enjoyed chilling with my friends and I know I’m safe. Its all over if you go out and aren’t safe. But not having control is a little scary. I’ve had 2 glasses of water and the seal is broken.
I want to be normal now. I’m at a dance club. But I want control. Everyone is drunk in here. I’ve even seen 2 guys kiss and I just stood like :-O I never stand in shock, but drunken me did -_-
I need to stand straight!
I guess it’s sad I’m sitting writing a blog in a booth instead of dancing. I have some cognitive control. I’ve been texting my friend, so I could remember today. Lol.
Uggh I’m not keen on ever getting like this again. I look good in these heels though. Yet as I slumped in the bathroom line I knew I needed to sit or wear flats. So I’m sat here just trying to gain control.
Not doing this again. I hope tomorrow will be ok :-/
I need to go home. I’ve been danced up on too much already. Not even my bubus I love is here to dance with. Those guys know who they are 😉
And imagine the toilet is out of tp :-/ I may go into the men’s. Uggh under 2 more hrs left. Tired and I have work in the am. I don’t take pills but I may swallow some painkillers; I don’t take pills but I know Imma need em. I’m always right by the dj where the speakers are, every time I go out. Boy the music is banging my brain.

1/12/13 The next day I didn’t have a headache, made it to work fine #winning! Reading this, I’d say I wasn’t overly drunk as my spelling and ability to string sentences seemed fine and I’ve since edited it by completing the words. Interesting blog experiment. This was over a year ago and since then I’ve never gotten to my mid tipsy-drunk stage again, thankfully!


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