An act of kindness

As its the sale period after Christmas.
You know as a female I had to participate. First I jumped online then visited stores. I’ve bought about 6 articles of clothing and puts the tally up to about 10 since I came back from America. I just don’t like shopping here.
That’s not the point.
As I missed my bus I started walking. Even though it’s cold it’s been mild today. I had that care free short walk (saw another bus) with my autumn coat (it was 10c) and enjoyed it. I saw a few shops I haven’t seen before, businesses and walkways I never knew existed.
Then I saw a simple act of kindness. This husband was going in after his wife with the pram n couldn’t manage the door n pram at the same time (tricky business for men i’m sure). I was gunna step to help but this guy opposite to the direction I was walking helped and held the door for him.
It wasn’t anything special. It was just wonderful that in a time of need a total stranger can help and make that part of your day easier. He didn’t have to struggle alone, he got unexpected relief when the weight of the door was off him so he could get his pushchair in easier.
I do random acts of kindness, I love to help. If I feel upto it I’ll give £1 to a big issue guy. It’s nice to help others. Probably it’s one of my most fulfilling experiences in life.
In 2013 I urge you to do better and help a stranger whenever you can. I’m not asking for some Mother Teresa or Ghandi type of wisdom and life giving help. Just the simple courtesy of…opening a door for instance.

Thank you to all the readers this year. You’ve made writing feel a little more worth it when you click to view something, comment or like it either on here (preferably) or Facebook.
Thank you!
2012 has been cool. It’s been way fun and I’ve got to experience and do a lot of new things this year. No regrets, a lot of learning and understanding.

Have a wonderful new year and start making your changes from now. I hope you’ve had a great Christmas, I did 🙂

Content Xx
Oh and this pic below is what I plan to do!


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