Get it right

I hate seeing people using the wrong words for something. Nevermind the bad spelling and lack of punctuation online. Social media isn’t graded like it’s a uni assignment. Unless maybe if you’re doing media, social networking, or something. But for me (as an undergrad psychologist), my Facebook or Twitter or the other stuff isn’t being marked.
But because I know you sad invalids are actually using this in real life with texts, assignments, etc I had to put this.

Debauched Sentence: She said am going to his
The word is ‘I am’ or ‘ I’m ‘ in this context. Correct your crap.

Another horror: I am defiantly gunna b there.
Never mind ‘gunna’ that’s in my dictionary because it’s easier than writing going to in texts. But the problem is defiantly is a completely different word to ‘definitely’.

3: I gotta get threw the lights.
Excuse you? You are not throwing (present of threw) the lights. The word is ‘through’. THROUGH, THROUGH, THROUGH. NOT threw. Got it? Good!!

Let’s get it together guys!

Any spelling pains, please share.

This was carefully written as to write out full words. I do appreciate the acronyms and short words for a full word. But putting an entirely wrong word, makes my spirit twitch like a ho on crack. Please guys stop making me twitch.

Apologies for my first post being the penultimate day in the first month of 2013. I just didn’t feel like writing. *shrugs*


Saying that, I think I got the wrong bus… oh wait no, I’M (< correct word) good. Xx


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