Wait upon the Lord

Mate. Im learning to sit and wait on God’s glorious timing.

The times I’ve acted out and been mad at others blessings (for getting it b4 me) has gotten me nowhere.
Like I’m so proud of people getting places. But inside I’m like why am I not there yet? I question myself and compare myself to them and what they have. Instead of looking at me and all what I have been given. To me it seems small, to another it’s big and to God it’s important. I remember giving tithes bare and not getting anything and spoke to my mom about it. She was like it doesn’t have to be obvious for God to bless you and sometimes it’s as simple as keeping you safe and healthy. Fair enough I thought, cuz in terms of health I hardly get sick like some people do (which is good). With safety, I’ve seen a few near misses to never want to fully be a target and get seriously injured.

I’ve got to learn to sit and wait on God’s glorious timing. I can’t rush it. I have to be a proper friend and stop comparing myself. I want to be a true friend through and through, what kind of friend am I that I’m happy for you but sad for me? I’m not fully giving you the love, admiration and proud smile I ought to. For that I’m truly sorry, dear friends and readers. I have to be in happy in me, and you be happy in you! I’m learning to sit and wait. I’m learning to be a better friend.

As I sit and wonder when it’s my turn, I honestly pray that as God advances you, you step into it and shine (brighter than a diamond). I know great people who work hard and put in incredible effort for what they want… I can’t hate when I’m not moving as hard as you are, when I ought to. Because really, it’s me not pushing in areas where I knew I should have. I know there are opportunities I’ve missed and I would have been in a different place.
But right now I’m doing what I can and learning to work, sit and wait on God’s glorious timing!

For those that are straight envy and fake smiling, hang back and examine yourself. Use these great people that are getting places as motivators.
I truly admire quite a few people in my circle.

Keep shining and pushing for the best dear readers! As I continue to WORK while sitting and waiting on the Lord. Oh and being of good courage 🙂 xx

Waiting, breathing, sitting, thinking, observing, making notes, watchful, waiting…

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. -Psalm 27:14


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