Trivial chicken talk

Sat on the long train journey (Lon Mid makes it 40 mins) to Birmingham town centre from Coventry Uni, thinking about everything I’m to do. There’s always a quit uni thought. But I pulled out a chicken sandwich and I felt better 🙂

I was mad at this stupid teacher at uni and really want to move groups. But I think I’ll stick it out and try harder.
I was presented with this great opportunity today linked to one of my passions. I’m doing it, who could resist getting involved with one of your loves?!
I read an email that is linked with my placement interview, tbh it puts me more out of my comfort zone. Instead of cancelling I’ll give it my all.
I’m planning my 21st, that is a lot in itself tryna fly out a grp of friends on budget.
Theres a serious piece of analysis that’s needed for next week assignment. Have I started? No. But I’m doing reading around it.
I have to email camp America and some American uni’s that I keep forgetting about.
And there’s just a lot to do!

I’m liking all this productivity but my sleep is just lacking. I used to have 10 hrs especially with my term 1 timetable. Most blissfully, blessed timetable I’ve ever had. But now, its some cockamania bs! My worst timetable in life -_▪
Any who, life is good. Eating my chicken sandwich allowed me to find solutions to a lot of things.
If you didn’t know, I do love chicken like Kel from Kenan and Kel loves orange soda ♡ Haha.
I love to eat. So on this sunny blue skied but northern breeze day, my chicken sandwich has brought much healing. Just as Jesus healed the blind man with spit. This sandwich has opened my eyes!

And thank you Dr. Jones for your status, it comforted me

Dr. J. A. Jones Facebook status 13 : 00 ( GMT)

You never know how social media status’ can help or hinder someone.

Now dear followers; recognise what you gotta do, prioritise (put Jesus in the centre) and do it while eating chicken!



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