Middle names

Some people often ask what my middle name is especially when everyone is sharing theirs. I dislike that question, I usually answer it with “I don’t tell anyone” or “you don’t need to know”. Which leaves everyone to think, “you cheeky little bugga you didn’t have to say it like that!” Oh well.
Very few people I have actually told it to.

Now my reason for not sharing is simple. It’s too much to add to the info known about me.

Get it? No.

Say for instance I’m bad mind and wanna get a hold of a few things from you. Most ppl I know their d.o.b and their address and their middle name and family history and spending habits. With this I could really get into your business and probably your bank. I know a few pins and I’ve seen your card, I may be good with remembering numbers. When we fall out, your life is over.

That’s an exaggeration but you get my drift. Its easy to find info online since we so readily and happily share on social networking sites. Last week I needed info from a tweet someone sent me a good two months ago, so I Googl’ed the basics of the tweet and found it. Lol, the internet holds all history. Deleting something doesn’t mean its irretrievable, because it is. Also 2 weeks ago, the BBC got this internet guy to find stuff out about these two people, and he found a lot of their recent info and put together a story of what they’ve been up to. Since then, I’ve been a bit more mindful of what I tweet or share. You never know how one day it will come back at you when you’re a success and haters try and drag you down. Hmm, I probably won’t take down previous posts. Writing is kind of selfish for me, it marks my journey too.

Back to the title at hand. In future if you ask for my middle name, I’m not being mean with my response, I just don’t tell people.


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