Emotional investment


So emotions being invested in someone.

If they are not your bf/gf don’t bother. I have learnt this the hard way. It’s easier for the other party to string you along and “see other people” while you’re pouring out your heart. Explaining why you may or may not do this or how this makes you feel. It’s all so deep, from a girl’s POV, as you’re unraveling who you are so some ONE can understand you better.

If you want to get to know someone, then do. Kudos to actually wanting to be friends and thoroughly build a friendship before you build a romantic relationship, i’ll flick my weave to that. That’s that gd relationship building right there. But if you’re sharing and giving to just a friend, stop that. Pull the reigns in on your life and you tell all those feelings to the good Lord Jesus that gets you.

No more do girls need to be hurt or trapped by telling all these soulful things to a guy, thinking they’re winning them over, investing emotionally then spiritually then physically. After that, you’re done and crying and whaling “all men are dogs!”. Bubu no, they are not! Havs you seen my handsome John Legend? He is a darling gentleman that I have not met ♡_♡

Anywho, with all this being said, be careful who you support or invest in- emotional, financially and sexually too. Not everyone deserves everything. Friendship first huns!

Hope you had a great Easter weekend, love you all but Jesus loves you more! (Read Hebrews 4:15, made me smile) xx


2 thoughts on “Emotional investment

  1. Loved this. It’s very true that people should only invest in friendships/relationships where there will be an equal amount of sharing involved. It isn’t fair for one side to invest time, money, and emotions in to something that isn’t healthy and may not be going anywhere. Thank you for sharing, makes me think 🙂

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