My first jazz experience

So I went to a jazz night in Birmingham (UK)…. it was INCREDIBLE! !!! Totally appreciate the genre and why mom loves it and dislikes the stuff of now- rnb, pop, etc. These guys have a raw passion and conviction for what they are singing, it’s like their soul goes back to the experience as they sing it. Wow 😮

(Excuse the misspellings, lack of formatting etc and any video/music copyright infringement laws I may break)


The main band:
Solomon Dorcy- bass
Takuya Karota- trumpet
Rochard Spearman- drums (London)
Chris Bower- keys (maybe American)
Jose James- lead (America)
Show entitled: No beginning no end

Let me pull myself together.
I felt that. It was beautiful. It was inspiring and soultry and riveting and soul stirring and just hot. I fell in love. Like a mother first holds their baby. I’ve heard jazz before but live is fantastic.

It felt almost like church. I almost Amen’d and Hallelujah’d at all the right times. I was in the spirit “Holy spirit visit us” (8). I got more from that than I did in church this morning! Say what you like from that statement. So grateful tash and her bro invited me. First set with a lady named Sarah was cool. But Jose James and the band has converted me then the bonus was that most of them were so finnnnneee! Lawwwdd
We were ready for the offering bucket. If I was on that white girl tip (I’m stereotyping) I wudda put my bra in! Lol.
-To watch the few videos I took check out my youtube page; like, share and subscribe!-
But I was in there like swimwear. Wanted to raise my hand but had to hold it back. It was a full on service in the building (pub with soundproofed rooms upstairs). Think of the Word at church, the 2 hrs with these was the best service ever! There were moments when the artist got to play their instruments and the instruments sang so sweet like strawberries oozing out it’s content. It was beautiful. Each guy got I’d say 10 mins every 3rd song to just play. Bretheren I was in the throne room!

My brother quoted Beethoven to me the other day about knowing the secrets to an instrument as a musician. Lord these guys did!
I have to relate it to church cuz that’s what it was like. Anywho I wanted altar call I wudda…. nevermind.

But I charge thee bretheren to go and watch a live jazz performance. My ears have orgasm’d and I had my pleasure for the week 😉 Start the last 2 weeks of uni tomorrow and holidays done. Time to get in to gear! But first let me play my videos back and get in my prayer closet!



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