Party with the American

I love America. But this past weekend being around even more Americans in England has made me fall in love just that bit more with America.


Now to the title at hand, partying with an American is fun. If you meet one, watch and learn. Boii did I learn a few weeks ago.

Americans are amazing individuals and they are full on. What you see is what you get. Their confidence is striking and their attitudes are out there. But they’re great peoples! Honest, up front and no mixing bs. Upmost respect to the sane, responsible few I know.

They can dance and teach a thing or two on conduct 🙂

I can’t say much more on our antics. But it was live. Worth it. Saw that whole free drinks thing too! Love my friends ♡

Ooo and the saannggersss I seen from America in the past few weeks. They have my eyes appreciative and my heart double beating to a bethel hand clap. I be saying HALLEEELOOOOOOOOYYERRR a lot too. This guy I saw at a concert was singing- gospel etc. I was sat there saying, “Hosanna in the highest, blessed be the name of the Lord, praise Him with the timbrel..”. Totally love that they can sing and bring you to a different level of worship but when they are too foine, I find it hard to concentrate 😉

I’m not sure how a party to a church fits in one post but it’s about great Americans 🙂



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