My little man

Happy birthday to my most beloved little man.
He lights up my world and I’m so proud to be his Godmom. I came to celebrate with him for his 2nd Birthday today and he ran to the door excited and calling me. He doesn’t do that at all, he thinks he’s a G and tries to chat me up. Lol!

Manie, you’re 2 today and you’re getting a blog post and I’ll probably add to this every year.

I came to see you when you were born, this little squidgy light skin baby. The second day I held you and you fell asleep. That’s when I realised “boy, I love this child” and I have a lot of work to do. I knew you were gunna be a stunner and I have to constantly pray you don’t get a girlfriend too young! That will cause too much stress on me and your mom. Haha

But I love you like I love cake and will always hold you in my heart. You stole my heart and I will forever pray for you and give you my food when you come to steal it! Lol

Being your Godmother, aunty Kirah (which will probably be changing to Tia Ki depends on how I feel) is one of my greatest roles.

The year that I’m away from you 2013/2014 isn’t going to be easy as I’m used to visiting you and you holding my hand to bring me to play with your toys. You like to share with me even though I’m bigger you still take the biggest slice or toy. Lol. At my leaving meal you sussed that I was going and it’s kinda bittersweet that I didn’t get to say goodbye to you properly. The following day I almost cried-no I nearly howled like a baby knowing it’ll be months before I see you again. You’re a special young man and everyday I hope you know it!

Even when I’m gone, I’ve told your mother just how incredible you are. I see so much potential and heart in you that I want to be the best me so that you can see and learn to be the best you. You’re a leader and you’re strong. As you grow, we grow. As you develop, we develop as your overseers. No matter what, I (as one of a dozen) am here for you.

You’re 3 and a half now, and you’ve brightened up my day just by simply saying hello to me over the phone. I didn’t know a child could do that until I met you. If I as an adult can be moved by what you say and can listen to you when you give me a toy and MAKE me play with it, I am sure one day many people will listen to you. I’m not sure who you’re going to be yet, but whatever it is you’re smart, thoughtful and full of energy. I put you to sleep the other week and you drooled through my shirt but I’d relive it all over again because seeing you happy means I’ve done okay as your Godmother!

On your 4th birthday, I arranged your gifts to be given to you beforehand but your mom didn’t want you mashing up the house with the space hopper til I got back. I missed another one while I was away on my CELTA course. I know you had a good day and your motivational voice notes helped me through one of the most difficult things I’ve ever completed. Thank you.

Then your 5th birthday came and I was in China. I couldn’t wait to get back, pick you up from school and get a hug. My gosh those 4 months away showed me how tall you’d gotten. Your mom sent me videos of you doing higher level work and as the proud Godparent I showed you off to my friends in China! I don’t think you could ever disappoint me. Speaking to you with a time difference on your way to school was pretty fun. You’re one of the reasons I changed my flight. My cute browning.

Cumpleaños numero 6. I was here after spending another 9 months away and just before this day, I saw the pain you felt when I left. For your 6th birthday I was happy to say I would be here for a good while, I was honoured to be at your surprise party (capturing the memories) and formally meet your sister whom you protect dearly. Your love for her is apparent and I saw another side to you as a real protector and support. You held her hand and showed her off to everyone as well as kept her company and let her do things first. You’re why I look forward to having kids, I’m not sure when that will be, but it’s a real desire and I know you’ll be there for mine like you are for your sister.


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