21st birthday booboo

My birthday Month!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO

Cakes, food, friends, family!
Cakes, food, friends, family!

I’m 21!



Had a great day full of love and fun and food! Had 2 birthday cakes and thoroughly enjoyed myself.





All month I will celebrate and if you’re on twitter I’ve been tweeting #21lessons. Follow me @hmmkiki!

21lessons_1 Twitter lessons


KC followed me!Oh so the celebrations started off with the Keyshia Cole concert in Birmingham, 01/06/2013! She slayed and looked so beautiful, I also got a follow on twitter. hahaa. First ‘secular’ concert but it was really good- minus the yardie bad breed behaviour that none of us caribbean (incl. Jamaican folk) liked. But it was her voice we were there for after 2 hours outside the HMV institute waiting in line and another 2 hours inside waiting for the support acts and her to start, she gave a good 100 mins show for £26. Check some of my videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4iZTWH12Lo


Then the next day I worked at the Israel Houghton concert. Great experience in worship. He’s a short, cool guy. His band are a funny bunch- lol. Videos here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fmeR1nxWkU

Doritos, nachos, chips and dips with phe

Left there after 2 am from clean up…. the last half hr of clean up ended like so.

Chips, dips and tired friends.






  • Then Monday I slept
  • Tuesday I jammed.
  • Wednesday 5th June (my actual birthday) I went for brunch with my second mom (lady that took me under her wing) and ATE then went to TGI’s with a few close friends and family where we ATE then went to cinemas and no I did not eat. LOL.
  • Thursday I went away with a few friends and we stayed up till 5am and ate and laughed.
  • Friday night we stayed up, ate and laughed.
  • Saturday I casually shopped, and went to see a movie with the family- finally. ‘After Earth’ with Will and Jaden Smith, please wait till this comes out on Sky movies. It’s a story of a boy growing up quick to save him and his dad, not a great movie.
  • Sunday was church. It was calm and I looked cute. Church is one of those places where you get used. I ended up being an usher for a bit, while 2 of my friends had to get on the worship team. LOL. #churchgirls.

Monday, here I am. Uploading, tidyng, posting, ironing, singing, writing and organising a few more birthday stuff.


What I have learnt is 21 is BIG. The actual day doesn’t have to be but you must have fun with those you love. You have to be ready to grow, be challenged and love yourself like never before. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet, I keep talking about it. But June is my month and I will praise, pray, eat, laugh, drink and twerk my way through- in that order.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and reading thus far. Know you are loved- not really by me but by the creator of Heaven and Earth, my sweet Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderful day as us Gemini/ June babies give you the hottest month of the year. We’ve had 9/10 straight warm days already.

Summer time shine! xx



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