Ready or not

You know when you think you’re ready for something then it gets to it and you find out you’re not? It can be annoying yet bring about a huge sense of relief. Jumping into something prematurely can really rock the boat of the present state of life.

I was just thinking about times I thought I was ready to do things then having to quietly bow out or do it and internally freak out. It’s like when you know you’re ready to eat, you’re body is giving the signs and you’ve prepared the meal. You go in because you’re ready and that it is well (needed/desired/required) with your soul. Now when yo ass aint hungry, sitting and eating when you’re not ready isn’t good. It’s gluttony, a fact that I constantly remind myself of- lol.

Being ready for a step brings about a calm from the good Lord, “yes child this is it!” You know it’s the right decision that will aid you somehow-personally, physically, financially, mentally, socially, etc. The past few months I’ve been pushing and breaking my comfort zone wallls. Trying to expand and do different and bigger things. I must say it’s fun. I get a little apprehensive but right before I remind myself that I can do it and do it well!

‘Things’ as in; going to ballet dance classes alone and knowing no one, praying and praising in church (& home) like no one is watching, sharing my lyrics with others, taking the opportunity to do the announcements at a church conference venue that holds 1500 people and more. Practical things that will increase my skill or cultural experience or positive bank balance I will give them a go. It’s good to keep developing and knowing when you’re ready and right to do a thing.

It’s like when Jesus comes will you be ready or not. He could arrive by the time you reach this sentence…… Hmm noone knows.

Anywho, seek God and push for more. Know when you are truly ready and calm to do things. Or if it’s too much and unsettling then you may not be.

Are you ready for your next step? My big move this year is a little scary and out of the ordinary but I’m happy to be apart of this adventure 🙂




Or not?



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