New acquaintances

You never know people’s stories!

I was casually at home minding my business when my neighbour needed a hand. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you popped to mind. So I scurried over and helped. I was to watch my neighbours friend as she popped to the shop.

As I sat talking to her and keeping company. I learnt quite a bit about her. Amazing woman that has worked to serve countries and reduce conflict! Her family r all brilliant! I’d love to meet her son as he is a pathologist- anybody with an ‘ist’ as an occupation is worth meeting! Dunno if he’s married though. Lol.

So the distinguished guests came. One whom is an RAF top guy- I wasn’t too sure of his position. Any who I answered the door in my shorts and they looked at my legs and definitely would’ve secretly tutted while entering the home. I can’t complain cuz they’re muslim women, all covered up beautifully and they didn’t expect it at the door. I’m not offendeded and this post isn’t about that cuz I was minding my own business comfortably in my house. So I politely showed them up to speak to the lady and I stayed downstairs to tweet and write this 🙂

Now to the point:
New acquaintances are sometimes far more interesting than your friends. I had an interesting convo that intrigued me quite a bit. Sharing and asking q’s and finding out about her. There are wonderful people out there with attitudes of servitude- serving mankind. It’s wonderful.

Get to know acquaintances briefly just to see if they’re interesting. If not be polite and end the chat when ready. What? Not everyone wants to waste spend unnecessary time if it can be avoided. Hehehhe.


My attire at my neighbours. Wearing shorts but still reppin Christ in my John 3:16 tee!

Have a wonderful week guys! Love all and accept everyone x


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